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Basket Viaggi
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About Basket Viaggi Snc

When was Basket Viaggi born?

Our agency was born in 1986 from the fusion of different experiences, all coming from the world of tourism. The founders of Basket Viaggi have forty years of experience in tourism in Italy! We have been very dynamic in the tourism industry and ticket selling in Italy. We have also been able to anticipate trends and introduce innovations.

Who is your typical customer?

We deal with various types of visitors: from the family on vacation to the great multinational corporations organizing conventions. We can organize wonderful tours, incentives, and conventions for companies. In recent years, we know that companies are becoming more practical with their travel budgets, and we can help with that. Even in our early years, we have distinguished ourselves in the tourism industry in Italy because we organize fantastic travels for all pockets. We always take care of all the details of the tours we organize, regardless of the kind of travelers we are dealing with—from the manager convention to the school tour.

How are BV Events and Basket Viaggi related?

BV Events is our events department. We offer the widest range of travel products and tickets to all types of events in Italy: operas, plays, dramas, comedies, concerts, and sports. BV Events offers arrangements for any accommodation, as well as incentive travels. We also do customized events. If you cannot find the information you need on our site, please use our chat services, send us an e-mail, or call our office anytime!

When was the idea of the site born?

The site was launched in 1999, when the Internet was still unknown to most Italian citizens. One of the most important American ticket brokers needed tickets to events in Italy, so that was when our web service started.

So you started working with the United States primarily?

Yes, but we evolved very quickly. In the beginning, we actually stayed up at night to check ticket bookings from the United States. However, requests from other continents followed suit, and we were soon offering tickets to the whole world!

What was Italy known for in those years?

In those years, the AC Milan football team (or soccer team, in American English) used to win all European and world competitions, and tickets were very difficult to find. BV Events allowed football fans to find tickets to Italian matches that no one else offered!

Has it always been easy for Basket Viaggi?

There have been difficult times! In particular, 9/11 dealt a hard blow to tourism. Same as what happened to the whole travel sector, Basket Viaggi suffered for some months due to the decline in world travel, including travel to Italy. In the years leading to those events, Basket Viaggi had been instrumental in making the world smaller and more reachable for everyone. 9/11 slowed down that process, but luckily, that is all in the past!

Why do tourists choose BV Events for their tickets?

Because it is difficult to find opera tickets in Italy, and we make it easy. Opera is so popular in Italy, we like to think that if Italy weren’t already the name of a country, opera would have been named after Italy! The greatest composers are Italian, and La Scala in Milan is the highest demonstration of Italian genius and ingenuity. It is very difficult to find tickets to La Scala, but our agency has been specializing in finding those tickets for you for years! You can trust BV Events: you will never be left out.e tickets for you for years! You can trust BV Events: you will never be left out.

Would you suggest a trip to Italy?

Of course! You don’t come to Italy only for the wonderful events at opera houses. Who wouldn’t want to visit Leonardo’s Last Supper in Milan? Or the wonderful canals of Venice? Who wouldn’t want to see the Colosseum in Rome and wonder how people lived in an advanced culture of two thousand years ago? Then, when the night comes, what could be more delicious than a dinner with good Italian wine and a concert by Andrea Bocelli at the Teatro del Silenzio at Iajatico, his birth town?

Is Basket Viaggi a member of any industry association?

For your peace of mind, Basket Viaggi is a proud member of the Association of Italian Travel Agents and the International Air Transport Association.

Anything you would like to suggest to possible travelers to Italy?

In Samuel Johnson’s (1709–1784) words: “A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see.”